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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

1. What Is The Need For Blue Stacks App?

Answer: Bluestacks app is an efficient application for your pc to enjoy all the features of all other apps in your android phone on a big screen of your computer.

2. What Can One Do Installing The App?

Answer: Enjoy playing the games or the music or do social activities from your desktop with the same expertise and efficiency that you do from your phone.

3. How To Run The App On My Pc?

Answer: To run the Bluestacks app, one needs virtualization of the personal computer so that the app runs at high speed without any bottlenecks. Accessing The BIOS setup and enabling the virtualization will allow you to install the utility and the app can be downloaded with ease.

4. Will The Antivirus In My Pc Blocks Bluestacks App?

Answer: If you see that the bluestacks app is working funnily, then keep it in mind that some of the antivirus applications that many installs, blocks it. You need to add the exception if you have such types of antivirus about the bluestacks app so that it downloads and runs smoothly in your pc.

5. Why My Laptop Battery Is Draining Fast After Downloading The Application?

Answer: If you find that the battery of your pc is draining fast after installation of the app, adjust the power plans of your pc so that you get high performance and balanced power saving option. Windows generally set to balanced power plans by default while installing. However, you should change it to get better performance after installing the bluestacks app.

6. Do They Have Backup Technicians To Solve The Problems With The App?

Answer: If you are facing any problem about the app and is unable to solve it on your own, contact the app managers with your question and giving your email id so that the expert technicians can guide you through the problems and provide a solution.

7. How Can I Add An App Using Bluestacks App?

Answer: It can be done with a few clicks. You can search any app and install them or you can download the play store on your pc and search and download as you do on your mobile phones and can save them on your computer. Just type the name of the required application on the search box in the home screen, and you will be able to get and download the same.

8. Is The App Legal?

Answer: Do not be doubtful about the legality of the bluesstacks app. The application is legal, and there will be no breach of privacy of your data using the app on your pc.

9. Is Bluestacks App Free?

Answer: No, it is not completely free. The app continues to send bloatware pop-ups until and unless the payment is made. To get the best result, the paid version should be used, and the charges are very nominal.

10. What Is The Latest Version Of The App?

Answer: Bluestacks 4 is the latest version, and it is a lighter version saving the CPU usage ye performing better. Its very fast and simple to use application.

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