Andyroid Download – Free Android Emulator on PC and Mac

Andyroid Download makes up for Andy Android which is an android emulator that is currently enjoying the wave of fame in the list of android emulators. There are so many good things to complement what would simply feel like a catchy name. So, Andyroid is basically built to have you give them access to your phone’s contents i.e. basically android contents on your computer. There are a lot of things that Andyroid will thereby help you with. This happens to be an informative guide that acquaints you with the basic features of Andyroid as well as helps you with the procedure you need to follow when you wish to use Andyroid emulator on your computer.

Andyroid Download – Free Android Emulator

What does all in the name of options Andyroid bring before you?

  • You can connect Windows or Mac with android apps.
  • It helps you download android apps over Andy OS from any browser.
  • Maintains an updated Android OS throughout.
  • Acts as a convenient and smooth sync between your phone and your computer.
  • Carries all your entertainment, gaming and other necessary apps to your computer screen.
  • Terminates the hassle of low phone storage as your PC can now have everything android you want on your phone.
  • You can use your phone as a remote control when you are playing games on your PC with the help of Andyroid.

Steps for Andyroid Download!

Andyroid download

Andyroid download might give you space for seeking some help. Here are the steps you need to follow for Andyroid on your PC:

  1. Go to the official website of Andyroid and download the app.
  2. Once the download process has been completed, go to the download folder.
  3. Right click on the Andy zip file and select the “Extract All” option.
  4. This will lead to the extraction of the zip file.
  5. Once the folder content extraction has successfully taken place, open the folder and right click on the “setup” file. Choose “Run as administrator” option from the appearing menu.
  6. This will be followed by the appearance of User Control Dialog Box. Click on the “Yes” option in order to continue.
  7. Virtualization Dialog Box appears. If Virtualization Technology is not enabled, start by enabling it. Once you are done with that, click on the “Yes” option.
  8. Accept the license agreement. User Control Dialog Box will appear. Click on “Yes” option to continue.
  9. Software installation will begin. Click on the “Install” option in order to install the drivers.
  10. User Account Control Box appears again. Click on the “Yes” option to continue.
  11. Andy Android software installation must have begun. Once the installation is complete, click on “OK” option and reboot your PC.
  12. Restart your PC and double click on “Start Andy”. Andyroid installation will be complete and the emulator will be ready to use.

Once you have successfully completed the above-mentioned steps, Andyroid will be totally functional for you on your PC and you can bring into use the several benefits it has to offer.

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